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Eingedi Hiking Trial

Ladybrand, Eastern Free State

This trail is a two-day hike on a 530ha game farm with 2-star exclusive self-catering graded accommodation. It is located in the South Eastern Free State, about 30km South of Ladybrand, off the R 26 on the S616/612 gravel road.

Eingedi Retreat has much to offer on their hiking trail. The hiker is challenged with the 11km Eland Hike on the first day, and the 6km Zebra Hike on the second.

The hiker is taken up and down hills and ladders, across game filled savannahs with numerous plains game and 195 bird species, and through interesting sandstone rock formations with spectacular views in all directions, including the majestic Maluti Mountain range. Additional features include old British war forts strategically placed along the high lying ridges, dating back to the wars at the turn of the 19th century; as well as ruined Basotho huts and villages to explore.

This hike would be an ideal educational outing as well as a team building experience, as it offers opportunities for studying history, geography, nature and wildlife, as well as challenging the endurance of the participants, while enjoying the thrill of being surrounded by Eland, Zebra, Red Hartebeest, Blue and Black Wildebeest, Springbuck, Impala, Blesbuck, Fallow Deer, as well as Ostrich.

There are many free roaming farm animals near the chalets for children to enjoy, a playground with trampoline & jungle gym, as well as several small dams for low-key fishing.

This accommodation establishment caters for about 60 guests in 11 units. There are 3 log cabins, one of which is an 11-sleeper backpacker unit, and 8 chalets, 2 of which are air-conditioned.  They range from 3 to 8 sleepers. Each unit has their own braai facility.  Guests can hire a central boma and fire-pit for larger groups to enjoy. There is a large, as well as a paddling pool, and Games Room with billiards, table tennis and darts.

Eingedi Retreat has the vision to be off the grid, and at this stage is an organic game farm, with fresh vegetables in season and other farm produce such as milk, meat, eggs, home-made cheeses and preserves, as well as baked and homemade goodies, which can be purchased by guests.  From Sundays to Fridays, a wonderful buffet breakfast is served on order, and an optional healthy nutritious lunch can be organized on completion of the hike, before heading home.

Day 1:

Eland Hike ± 11.3 km.

This hike starts 30m from Petra Hostel, the backpacker unit. The hiker walks East and up towards (1) TAKBOK CORNER. The uphill trail turns North towards and through the first British fort, called (2) MYSTERY RUINS.

The trail then follows the farm road (3) UP to a turn-off at the top of the plateau towards a lookout across the game plains. Walking along a sandstone ledge, the hiker arrives at a 6m ladder leading down to a small (4) CAVE and (5) THE SQUEEZE where he/she crawls through massive sandstone blocks and meets up with (6) LOT SE VROU.

A long gradual walk meanders through the game (7) OVER THE DAMS onto (8) SPRINGBOK VLAKTES.  The trail then makes a right turn, crossing the savannah up to a ridge overlooking (9) JERICHO PLAINS, where the hiker may witness the Black Wildebeest, known as the wildlife clowns, at play.  Spot the Blue and Northern Black Korhaan with their raucous calls and watch their unusual crash–landing flight displays. The stately Secretary Bird with its long legs, and head plumes, is an unusual raptor worthwhile looking out for.

The hiker then proceeds past the (10) MEERKAT POTHOLES towards the game herds, where he/she may enjoy a refreshing drink at (11) GAME LOOKOUT REST.  From there the trail proceeds along the game drive road towards the beautiful hidden rock formations called (12) MASADA.  The hiker may want to spend time exploring this unusual natural phenomenon. One of the formations has been named (13) OOM ALBERT’S ARMCHAIR in honor of the 76-year-old grandfather who laid out the hike, as the last of many which have his fingerprint on, all over Southern Africa.  May he enjoy his retirement.  (14) COVENANT CANOPY commemorates the wedding venue of a special couple.

The hiker then follows the trail on a track South towards Hebron Heights plateau.  The trail makes a left turn up to the plateau to (15) LOOKOUT REST and (16) COOL IT. A tight walk on a rocky ledge through (17) DRUKGANG, leads the hiker down to another level, and a resting spot underneath a tree.  For the faint-hearted, who do not enjoy a tight walk, there is an alternate path below the ledge.

A gradual uphill trek across a rocky surface at (18) UP AND ON TOP, takes the hiker to the upper level of the sandstone cliffs.  A short walk with lovely views leads him/her to a ladder down a rock face, through trees, to a Basotho house ruin via a twisting (19) IN AND OUT pathway.  

The trail now passes (20) JACKAL ROCK and leads to a rocky overhang on the South side. Here is a seating place in the shade from which the view can be enjoyed. 

The hiker then walks past the (21) PILLAR WORKS to the (22) RESTING ROCK, proceeds towards the game drive road, and plods along with views of the game on the plains, until reaching (23) SHILOH DAM and (24) NOAH’S ARK in the distance. 

The trail ascends towards the (25) SEA RIPPLES on the sandstone, past a chair formation for the hiker to (26) SIT on, and continues to the ruins of a Basotho kraal. Please remember to (27) KNOCK KNOCK before exploring each home. 

The hiker proceeds to the blue gum forest. Caution: be careful not to get caught in the (28) FATMAN’S TRAP.  Once through, preparations need to be made for a leopard crawl through (29) SHORT CUT TUNNEL.  Once again, there is an alternative for the faint-hearted.  (30) DIE SKUILING offers a spot to recover.

The trail heads East up the rocky plateau, and turns South along (31) CLIFF WALK with vistas to the West of the neighboring game farm and Mabula Mountain.  Here the hiker can sit with binoculars, and try to spot the giraffes and other game across the road.

Proceeding past (32) SKELETON RIDGE, through another ruined (33) BASOTHO VILLAGE towards the picturesque (34) MALUTI VIEW, the hiker finally makes his/her way back to the accommodation area, heading East down and across (35) WEAVER DAM.  A swim and/or a hot shower and a relaxing evening around the camp fire, ends the first day.

Day 2:

Zebra Hike ± 6.2km.

This hike starts 30m from Petra Hostel, the backpacker unit, near the chalet called ‘Fountain of Joy’.

Going West through the trees (1) INIBOS, up to the first plateau to the (2) GEMSBOK UITKYK, the trail offers distant views across Lesotho.

Taking a 180˚ backtrack past the old Basotho kraal ruins and up to the top plateau, the hiker ascends to the (3) BRITISH FORT at (4) MT KARMEL. 

The trail proceeds along a rocky sandstone edge with spectacular views of sunrises over the Maluti Mountains, and then turns 90˚ to the West, passing (5) MT MORIAH.  Enjoying a flat grassy stroll in the fresh morning breeze, past (6) FORTRESS lookout, the hiker reaches two more (7) BRITISH FORTS.

From here, the trail heads North on the western rim of the sandstone plateau, to the (8) PIT STOP. It proceeds down to a lower level and meanders in an easterly direction to the (9)  IN AND AROUND rest, before winding in and out of (10 )DEUR DIE BOS to another plateau at (11) ARARAT lookout, which gives the hiker a view of (12) NOAH’S ARK and (13) JERICHO PLAINS, with all the animals.  Once able to tear him/herself away from this lovely game viewing spot facing North, the hiker wanders across the farm road to enjoy the equally beautiful, but very different views to the South, across the Eingedi Valley.

Rambling down the grassy bank overlooking (14) SHAMA DAM and home base, the hiker can enjoy the views and animals coming to quench their thirst at the water’s edge. The trail takes him/her towards the final ladder up (15) CLAMBER ROCK where more ruins of British forts can be spotted while drinking in the vast expanse. Proceeding along the ridge, the hiker is urged to look out for beautiful little rock pools after a shower of rain in the vicinity of (16) SHAMA lookout.

Trudging in and around rocks along the ridge, the hiker passes the (17) BALANCING PILLAR and heads towards the top of the 4 x 4 road at (18) SINAI. This is the favorite lookout of Eingedi Retreat, and requires an extra few moments to enjoy the beautiful creation.

From (18) SINAI the trail crosses the 4×4 road and heads towards (19) MYSTERY RUINS. The hiker is encouraged to spend some time on (20) CONTEMPLATION ROCK and see how many fern varieties he/she can spot around the base of this massive chunk of sandstone.  Wandering through (21) GUMTREE LANE, past (22) POP- EYE ROCK to the Shama (23) DAM WALL WALK, the hiker should linger a while to spot different species of water birds from sandpipers and coots to Egyptian or Spurwing Geese and various ducks.

From here it is a short stroll through and past a waterfall-in-rainy-season, to the (24) LAST REST under a big tree.

The trail meanders through the tranquil (25) GILEAD GARDEN, down the interesting erosion ditch at (26) DONGA WALK, ending off at (27) SUNRISE DAM and home base.

This brings the hiker to the conclusion of a unique walk-through nature, down the lanes of history, having restored the soul through the tranquil and exciting walks with wildlife, to head back to everyday life, refreshed and a little fitter.

To end off the experience, our guests may want to enjoy an optional pre-ordered meal prepared by the Eingedi Team (from Sundays to Fridays), as well as the camaraderie that develops from a shared experience, while reminiscing over memories.


Basic Out of Season Rate – R750.00 pp (min. 6 hikers)
Per person rates includes: 2 night’s luxury backpackers accommodation incl full hiking fee.
The hiking fee remains the same, whether you walk 1 or 2 days i.e., R200.00 pp.
<6 hikers will be booked into Cosy Cabin or Chai Cottage at website rates plus the hiking fee.
Upgraded accommodation is available, at website rates plus the hiking fee.
Additional nights: R250pp/night – Adult. Children < 8yrs R150pp/night

2 Day Hike

Base Season

Mid Rates

Peak Season

2 May – 23 Nov 2023
8 Jan – 19 March 2024
3 Apr – 21 Nov 2024
6 Jan – 20 March 2025

24 Nov – 7 Dec 2023
22 Nov – 12 Dec 2024

8 Dec 2023 – 7 Jan 2024
20 March – 2 Apr 2024
13 Dec 2024 – 5 Jan 2025

R750.00 pp 6 – 16 hikers
R820.00 pp – 5 hikers
R890.00 pp – 4 hikers

R850.00 pp – 6 – 16 hikers
R930.00 pp – 5 hikers
R1000.00 pp – 4 hikers

R960.00 pp – 6 – 16 hikers
R1050.00 pp – 5 hikers
R1150.00 pp – 4 hikers


Base Season

Mid Rate

Peak Season

2 May – 23 Nov 2023
8 Jan – 19 March 2024
3 Apr – 21 Nov 2024
6 Jan – 20 March 2025

24 Nov – 7 Dec 2023
22 Nov – 12 Dec 2024

8 Dec 2023 – 7 Jan 2024
20 March – 2 Apr 2024
13 Dec 2024 – 5 Jan 2025

R600.00 pp

R675.00 pp

R750.00 pp

Additional nights camping:

  • R170.00 – Adult
  • R125.00 pp/pn – U/8 

Day Visitors

  • R50.00 – Day Visitor Fee
  • R100.00 – Hiking fee
  • R100.00 – Booked-in guests

Admin Fee

  • R55.00 once off per reservation.

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