West Coast National Park

The West Coast National Park, with the tranquil Langebaan Lagoon as its focal point, is situated some 100 km north of Cape Town. The seemingly harsh and forsaken landscape is, in fact, filled with natural wonders, made accessible by this trail. The 25 km (2 day) Postberg Wild Flower Hiking trail winds its ways through a colourful carpet of spring flowers where a variety of mammals such as eland, blue wildebeest, gemsbok and many others graze peacefully against a backdrop of booming breakers, silver-white beaches and ancient black boulders. As there are no overnight huts, hikers have to provide all their own necessities. Water and ablution facilities are provided at the overnight points.

It is essential to read this information:

  • Hikers start and finish at Tsaarsbank and overnight at Plankiesbaai.
  • Duration: 2 days one night
  • Day 1: 15.5 km (6 Hours)
  • Day 2: 11.8 km (3,5 Hours)
  • Maximum number of people: 12

Hikers must arrive at the Tsaarsbank gate at 09:00 am to start the Trail. Cars can be parked at Tsaarsbank gate. All hikers to show their permit to the gate guard on duty before they start with the hike.

Sand dunes:
Do not take any shortcuts and stick to the marked trail so that we can know if you have safely completed the walk by reporting back to the gate guard.

Overnight facilities:
The overnight point is situated at the southern end of Plankiesbaai. Look out for the stone ablution block built into a sand dune at Plankiesbaai. Tents should be put up on the level area close to the ablution block. Please keep off the dunes in the immediate areas of the ablution block and water tanks. Please bring your own tent and camping equipment.


  • Ablution block with toilets, basins and drinking water.
  • Braai grids and wood.
  • Washing up stands and a large kettle to boil water on the fire.
  • There are no showers, hot water or cooking utensils available at the overnight facilities.
  • There are no showers, hot water or cooking utensils available at the overnight facilities.

16 mile beach:
On the second day, walk along 16 mile beach towards the wrech (Patelis A lemos 1978) until you see a flag and sign which indicates the turnoff into the dunes.

In the event of any injury or similar emergency, please walk to the nearest road and advise passing cars to contact Park personnel at 022 7722 144.

Important Note:

  • Water is only available at Tsaarsbank gate and overnight point at Plankiesbaai. No water is otherwise available along the rest of the trail.
  • This trail has been completed by both young and old alike, but it is strenuous and should not be undertaken unless you are reasonably fit.
  • Under no circumstances will vehicles be allowed to overnight, pick up or drop off people or equipment at Plankiesbaai.

Hikers with medical problems are advised not to start this hike. Remember to bring the map with you and enjoy the hike!!!