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Kamerkloof Baviaanskloof Hartland

Baviaanskloof, Eastern Cape

Welcome to Kamerkloof Baviaanskloof Hartland, a living farm in the heart of the Baviaanskloof Hartland, renowned for its biodiversity, rich human history, unparalleled uniqueness, and warm Klowenaar hospitality.

Embraced by the stunning landscapes of the Baviaanskloof mountains, our premier destination offers eco-experiences that bring you closer to nature alongside carefully restored historic houses. Our well-informed hosts ensure your stay is unforgettable, with tastefully appointed rooms and houses seamlessly blending modern amenities with the local sense of style. Each space offers breathtaking views, reflecting the natural beauty of a Unesco World Heritage Site.

At Kamerkloof, we take pride in our single-origin olive products, harvested, and produced on-site. This allows food enthusiasts to savour a genuine connection to the Baviaanskloof landscape, where our olive trees flourish.  The farm’s main focus is olive oil production. The farm’s enterprise also includes small-scale sheep farming.  The olive groves are situated in the bottomlands of the valley where the soils are the deepest. Kamerkloof is the first farm in the history of the Baviaanskloof to start with olive farming. The Studtis Olive Trust planted seven different cultivars from 1998.

Kamerkloof provides a range of meals for our GUESTS staying and using the accommodation at the Baviaanskloof Landhuis and Studtis Huis only. We bring the restaurant to you, and all our meals are served at the farmhouses for your comfort. Meals can be booked with accommodation as bed and breakfast or dinner, bed and breakfast options. Lamb potjies and lamb dishes have become a favourite at Kamerkloof. Kamerkloof is located on a living farm, and sheep farming is an integral part of the life of the farm. Eating healthy local lamb from the Baviaanskloof farm is highly recommended. We also love catering for vegetarians and vegans and consider all other dietary requirements, including gluten-free.

Please give us a heads-up before arrival. We can cater for large groups and our facilities, and we cater for family gatherings, special events and other special interest groups. The Kamerkloof Heritage Centre, Baviaanskloof Landhuis and Studtis Huis have a variety of spaces to create unique experiences for any special occasion. Family gatherings, workshops, birthday celebrations, product launches and anniversaries are all popular choices at Kamerkloof.  Meals are available for bookings at the Baviaanskloof Landuis and Studtis Huis only. The Wildedruifhuisie is self-catering only.

Kamerkloof Houses at a glance

Studist House (Ideal Family Farmhouse)

Studtis Huis is a private farmhouse suitable for couples, families with young children and large groups of up to twelve people. The house is fully equipped with a kitchen and furnished as a holiday house with a private garden, two patio areas and an olive orchard setting. The spacious living room and dining room area offer the ideal space to relax and enjoy meals. Studtis Huis has braai areas and an open fire area to enjoy the clear evening skies and breathtaking views. Unwind in the private decked swimming reservoir located next to Studtis Huis.

The house has two master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a family room with an extra bedroom and a cleverly designed loft area, upstairs from the bedroom area. The family room with the loft area comfortably sleeps eight people of all ages. The family room has an extra sleeper couch and two en-suite bathrooms with three showers and a bath. Studtis Huis is ideal for small groups and families, and GUESTS enjoy the pleasure of exclusive use of the whole farmhouse. Small makeshift beds and cots are also available for young children.

Children under 12 stays for free at Studtis Huis, making this farmhouse the ideal family holiday house.

The Studtis Huis key features
  • Complimentary wireless internet access
  • Exclusive use of whole house
  • Private trails for Kamerkloof GUESTS only
  • Prior requested housekeeping service
  • Stand-alone quiet house
  • Olive orchard and mountain views
  • Terraced farmhouse with two large patios
  • Smoking: none indoors
  • A collection of games for adults & children
  • Large family room: Sleeps 8
  • Childen under 12 years old stay for free 
  • House Sleeps 12
  • Fresh swimming reservoir with deck
  • Private Braai areas
  • Potjiekos Pots
  • All rooms have en-suite bathrooms
  • Five showers and three baths
  • Bath and showers separate
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Dishwasher, microwave and two freezers
  • Ice machine and large hot water urn
  • A camping site with an electric point


Min 2 Nights’ accommodation stay

Studtis Huis

  • R975.00 – 1 guest
  • R1600.00 – 2 guests
  • R2050.00 – 3 guests
  • R2550.00 – 4 guests
  • R2800.00 – 5 guests
  • R3050.00 – 6 guests
  • R3300.00 – 7 guests
  • R3550.00 – 8 guests
  • R3800.00 – 9 guests
  • R4050.00 – 10 guests
  • R4300.00 – 11 guests
  • R4550.00 – 12 guests
  • R4800.00 – 13 guests
  • R5050.00 – 14 guests

Landhuis (Luxury Accommodation)

One can sense the history of the Landhuis as soon as you arrive at Kamerkloof. The Landhuis was built before the 1850s as a private home for one of the previous Kamerkloof families. The Landhuis was also the former Baviaanskloof police station until the 1980s. The Landhuis is a historical landmark of Kamerkloof and the Baviaanskloof Hartland. The over 150-year-old Landhuis has fully been restored, and its authentic interiors still display original Oregon ceilings and floors: a beautifully restored historic building. The Baviaanskloof Landhuis is a luxury accommodation and embodies farm-style good living in a place of harmony. The Landhuis is the pride and joy of Kamerkloof and its people.

Attention to Detail

You cannot beat the luxury, ambience and quiet location of the Landhuis in the heart of the Baviaanskloof. Garden patio bedrooms have unbelievable views of the Baviaanskloof and Kouga Mountains and olive orchards. The Landhuis has cleverly been designed into a two-bedroom South Wing and a three-bedroom North Wing. Each wing has its own private kitchen, living and entertainment area with a patio. The Landhuis has several welcoming spaces, including an e-clear chlorine-free swimming pool, maccaranduba wooden decks and a viewing deck on the sunny North face side of the house. The Landhuis’s large, screened windows and doors open to bring nature inside. Light flows through the interiors, from the bedroom to the private bathrooms to the private patios. Modern amenities complement the rooms to make them the most desired and exceptional accommodations in the area.

Baviaanskloof Landhuis Key Features

  • Complimentary wireless internet access 
  • Private trails for Kamerkloof GUESTS only
  • A swimming pool designed house
  • Prior requested housekeeping service
  • Exclusivity- Stand-alone house
  • Olive orchard and mountain views
  • Terraced farmhouse with two large patios
  • Smoking: none indoors
  • A large viewing deck
  • Sleeps 10
  • 5 luxury private bedrooms with King/Twin options
  • All bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms
  • E-Clear chlorine free swimming pool
  • Two private braai areas on each private patio
  • A large river stoned boma area
  • Five showers and four baths
  • Bath and showers separate
  • Two fully equipped kitchens
  • Outdoor solar shower


Please remember that no children under 12 years old at the Baviaanskloof Landuis. Children under 12 years old stay for FREE at Studtis Huis. All the accommodations at Kamerkloof including the Studtis Huis, and the Wildedruifhuisie can be hired exclusively all year round, accommodating groups of up to 30 GUESTS at a time, excluding camping. Kamerkloof Guest Farm can be booked solely for a private group. The farm has a variety of spaces to create unique experiences and design special occasions and gatherings.


Min 2 Nights’ accommodation stay

  • R1850.00 – 1 guest
  • R2600.00 – 2 guests
  • R3010.00 – 3 guests
  • R4000.00 – 4 guests
  • R4400.00 – 5 guests
  • R4800.00 – 6 guests
  • R5200.00 – 7 guests
  • R5600.00 – 8 guests
  • R6000.00 – 9 guests
  • R6400.00 – 10 guests

Die Wildedruifhuisie (Beautiful peaceful farm setting)

Perfectly situated on the farm, die Wildedruifhuisie is a restored farm cottage that is quaint and slightly up on the hillside with great views over the farm dam, olives orchards and sheep pastures. Die Wildedruifhuisie is a cosy cottage with reeded ceilings and traditional Kamerkloof river-stoned stoeps. The cottage is a four-sleeper with two bedrooms. There is one bedroom with two single beds and another bedroom with a double bed. There is a kitchenette, living room, one bathroom, an outdoor fireplace and a covered braai area on the stoep with clear and open views of the farm and surrounding mountains. Die Wildedruifhuisie is affordable self-catering accommodation ideal for smaller groups, couples and small families. Please note that no meals can be booked at the Wildedruifhuisie.

Wildedruifhuisie Key Features

  • Complimentary Wifi at Wildedruifhuisie
  • No meals
  • Private stand-alone self-catering cottage
  • Patio with private braai area
  • Private trails for Kamerkloof GUESTS only
  • Prior requested housekeeping service
  • Farm and mountain views
  • Sleeps 4
  • Two bedrooms (King and Twin)
  • One bathroom with shower
  • Fully equipped kitchenette
  • Splash swimming pool
  • Farm dam next to cottage (fishing welcome)
  • Smoking: none indoors


Min 2 Nights’ accommodation stay


  • R750.00 – 1 guest
  • R1450.00 – 2 guests
  • R1750.00 – 3 guests
  • R2200.00 – 4 guests

Start your Kamerkloof & Baviaanskloof Adventure Here…

There’s a first time for everything. Endless activities and experiences await whether you’re at Kamerkloof for a weekend or a lifetime, you’ll never lack for things to see and do.

Perhaps you’ll get up early and explore as the sun starts to rise. Later, you can head out and explore the Baviaanskloof community and/or the reserve– but will you choose a 4×4, a motor bike, mountain bike, donkey cart or walk?

Every day at Kamerkloof brings with it a new experience and new memory. Here, where a vast area of wilderness in the Baviaanskloof invites exploration and recreation, the land is preserved but so too is your spirit at the end of your stay.

Creating new experiences and activities at Kamerkloof

Our GUESTS who visit Kamerkloof are stunned by its combination of natural beauty and history – the abundant biodiversity, the thriving flora and the undisturbed habitats in an area with great history. One look is all it takes to understand why people come here the first time, but our approach to conservation and preservation explains why people come back time and time again.

96% of the property is completely undisturbed, with the beauty of the Baviaanskloof allowed to shine through so you can experience and explore the untouched beauty of the landscape. Kamerkloof is very much a place where farming and conservation work hand in hand. Kamerkloof and Studtis community will serve to complete your education on the history and people of the Baviaanskloof. P.H Nortje, one of South Africa’s acclaimed authors, was born in this area, and his epics ‘Voetpad se Kloof’ and ‘Die Wildedruif Val’ are dedicated to the life and struggle of the people of the Baviaanskloof.

The historical Anglo-Boer War ‘Voetpadsekloof’ trail has been restored to its former glory. The trail is available for Kamerkloof GUESTS only. Among the highlights is the ‘Damsekloof’ slot canyon adventure trail with chain ladders. Both trails can be reached easily from all the accommodations at Kamerkloof. Take a donkey cart ride from Kamerkloof to the springs at Sewefontein and see the vast, gnarled, wild fig trees. If you are interested in the paintings left by the San and Khoisan, such art can be seen through prior arrangements with Kamerkloof Management. Spot Verreux (Black) Eagles from your patio, learn about the history and heritage of this historical place and see the shepherds bring in the sheep every evening with a chance of seeing a newborn lamb.

And for those who want to learn and discover more, the Kamerkloof Heritage Centre offers insights and knowledge about the Baviaanskloof and the farm. For those who interpret the phrase family holiday literally, Kamerkloof provides a variety of activities designed to bring the entire family together. From board games and various games at Studtis Huis to short trail expeditions and day-long adventures spanning the complete spectrum of the farm and special areas of Kamerkloof to appreciating nature and life on an olive farm, the possibilities are truly endless.

Kamerkloof Activities and Highlights


Donkey Cart Rides

Tennis court and lawn Pétanque

Games at Studtis Huis


Chain-ladder Trail in Damsekloof

Sundowners Koppie and Plaas Stappie

Anglo-Boer Trail in Voetpadsekloof


Landhuis E-clear chlorine free swimming pool

Swimming Reservoir at Studtis Huis

Potjiekos Evenings

Free Mountain Bike Usage


Kamertjie Art Gallery

Heritage Centre

Restored Old Studtis Police Station and Cells

Night Sky Watching

Olive Oil Tastings

Monthly Farmers Market at Kamerkloof

Kamerkloof Trails


A popular walk up a lush slot canyon. Discover rock pools, chain ladders, giant stinkwoods,ferns and Knysna Loeries along your way. Look up for cycads and Baviaanskloof cedars. Time: 2-3 hours Difficulty: Moderate

Voetpad se Kloof

A historical Anglo Boer War zig zag path up the side of a slot canyon. This was once the only way people got out of the kloof during the Anglo Boer War. There are spectacular views into Dam se Kloof and of the surrounding Baviaanskloof and Kouga mountains. A real piece of history. Time: 3-4 hoursDifficulty: Moderate-Difficult

Sundowners Koppie

A fun ‘plaas stappie’ and gentle climb to a lookout point of the Studtis area. The walk also includes a short walk to the old Police Station and cells. Look out for enon conglomerates and giant Euphorbia trees along the way.

This walk takes you to a beautiful view of the valley and is a wonderful place for sunset viewing and sundowner drinks

Time: 1hr30

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Wild Fig Tree River Trail

A beautiful walk along the Baviaans river at Kamerkloof. The walk takes you along the river and through a canopy of wild fig tree forests. Swimming Spots in the river are a must in Summer!

Time: 2 Hours

Difficulty: Family Friendly

Studtis Poort Trail Run/Ride

An easy ride into Studtis Poort from Kamerkloof. Your ride or run takes you into the poort where most of the beautiful parts of kamerkloof are found. Depending on your level of fitness you can turn around when you want to and return to your accommodation.

Distance 1-32km

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