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Shark Island Lighthouse

Lüderitz, Namibia

Perched on the southwestern tip of //Kharas Region, Shark Island is home fo the famous Cape Fur Seals.

360-degree views from the lighthouse overlook the harbor, the colorful unique town of Lüderitz town include the famous Kolmanskop area.  Lüderitz is the gateway to the Tsau Khaeb National Park.

Shark Island, a historical site found in Luderitz town and a popular camping spot was last closed in 2020 to give it a “newer” and “fresher” look.

The lighthouse’ rooms and exterior have been completely renovated with its interior décor done by Namibia’s renowned interior designer Olive Rose interiors, bringing taste and tranquil naturals to both the 2 rooms and the kitchen. The lighthouse has a self-catering kitchen with cutlery and plates, a kettle, and a fridge, as well as a TV in the sitting room.

The view to the top of the lighthouse remains open, where guests can experience panoramic views that stretch over the horizon while spotting seals and pelicans that frequently appear around the site’s rocky areas


  • R1200.00 pp

Admin Fee:

  • R55.00 once off admin fee per reservation.
Shark Island Lighthouse

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