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The Disa Trail

Tulbagh, Western Cape

The main purpose of the trail

The Tulbagh Disa Trail hosts an annual 4 day hike of approximately 80km through our beautiful valley.

The main purpose of this hike which takes place exclusively once a year in spring, is to raise funds the NPO’s in the Tulbagh valley.

This year the honour has befallen Huis Disa, the home for the elderly in our town.

The starting point.

We start hiking on Thursday 14 September 2023.

Who will benefit from the hike?

The local home for the aged, Huis Disa, celebrated its 50th birthday in 2018. The building has become very outdated, and the bathrooms which only have baths, and not showers, are no longer suitable for the needs of the residents who are becoming much older, with most residents being between 85 and 100.

Funds are urgently needed for renovations and our local community is under great financial pressure from schools and organisations and increasing poverty.

Tulbagh Disa Trail committee

This event is run by volunteers who do not benefit from or receive any of the funds nor do they have rights to anything.

Registration process

The fee includes the following:

  • 4 nights accommodation at a luxury venue, Saronsberg Vineyard Cottages.

It is compulsory for all hikers to sleep at this accommodation.

  • All the food:
    • 4 breakfasts
    • 4 lunches
    • 4 dinners

Light snacks at the final destination.

  • All the transport from the accommodation to each day’s starting point and ending point.
  • A goody bag

Route and conditions

The four-day route that the group of hikers traverses during the fundraising event, consists of various types of terrain. There are sections of sandy roads, and hard fynbos trails. The route courses through the mountains with orchards of white and pink blossoms and past clear mountain streams. It includes hiking through wine farms and visiting historic venues, The hikers experience the magnificent natural surroundings as well as friendly Boland hospitality.  

This hike takes place in spring and the weather remains unpredictable and hikers should be prepared for any type of conditions like rain or early summer heat.

Prospective hikers should pay attention to the following:

  1. Your shoes need to be walked in.
  2. Your feet are the most important part of your body to condition before the hike. Hiking 5 to 7 hours a day for 4 days after each poses a greater challenge to your feet than a once a week hike. The secret to a comfortable hike is to walk more often.
  3. Lubricate your feet by rubbing them in petroleum jelly before and during the hike.
  4. Active sportswear is recommended. The weather can be unpredictable. A rainproof jacket with hood is a necessary piece of clothing that will help to keep you warm in the rain and cold. A sunhat with a broad brim is essential for the hike.
  5. Your own 25 to 35 liter day pack with a rain cover is recommended.
  6. The main problems that hikers experience are sore feet, blisters, etc. Each hiker is responsible for his/her own well-being and health during the hike. Pack your own first aid bag which includes anti-septic cream, waterproof plasters, pain killers, burn shield, etc.
  7. On request there will be a physiotherapist and medical help at the camp at the end of each day.


All the hikers will receive 4 breakfasts and 4 dinners which will be laid out buffet style.

Each hiker must have his own water bottle. Water points will be available to refill their bottles, Hikers will be able to pack lunch bags and snacks for each of the days during breakfast each morning.

Equipment checklist

In addition to the backpack, each hiker must bring his/her own. 

  • Active wear hiking clothing, light weight rain jacket, sun hat
  • A warm jacket (there can still be snow on the mountains)
  • Comfortable shoes and socks
  • Warm pajamas
  • Head light
  • Towel and personal toiletries
  • First aid bag
  • Lunch box

Please provide your own snacks like biltong, sweets, etc.


The Tulbagh Disa Trail requires strong legs from each of the hikers for the 4 day 80km hike.

Although Tulbagh is surrounded by mountains, the trail will not include actual climbing. There will be different types of terrain like bush tracks, gravel roads, etc. but never extreme climbing.

It is recommended that each hiker should practice 3 or 4 hikes a week, with one long distance hike of 12 km once a week.

Date of arrival

Registration begins at 16h00 at the conference center at the venue on 13 September 2023.

The Tulbagh Disa Trail begins at 7h00 on Thursday 14 September 2023. 

All hikers spend the previous night (Wednesday) at Saronsberg Vineyard Cottages.

Everyone will be transported to the point of departure and then back from the destination each day by committee members.

The scheduled time for the hike to begin is 7h30.


Saronsberg Vineyard Cottages consist of 2 sleepers (1 bedroom) as well as 4 sleeper (2 bedrooms) self-catering cottages with fully equipped open plan kitchen and lounge areas.

There is also a swimming pool.

An additional fee of R1 500 will be charged if you want a room to yourself.

Registration and all meals will be served in the conference center.


  • R6 500 per hiker (non-refundable.)
  • This is per person sharing accommodation.
  • An additional fee of R 1 500 is applicable if you want a room to yourself.

Admin Fee:

  • R55.00 once off per reservation.
Tulbagh Disa Trail

Registration Form

(passport no, & country of residence if foreign)