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About Us

Who is Fagala Voet?

Fagala Voet is marketing and booking agents for hiking trails in South Africa and Namibia. We assist private hiking trail owners to market their trails to our database of hikers and handle bookings for them as well. We also help our database of hikers to find new hiking trails. We also do GPS mapping, development of trails and remarking of trails.

What We Offer

Here you will find an unmatched amount of destinations to help you unwind; destinations that range from short day excursions into areas close to the large urban areas of our land to trips of several days duration. 

Discover our National Parks and our game reserves, be spoiled with champagne and oysters at the end of a day walking the Oystercatcher Trail at Mossel Bay or relax at one of the many beautiful Guest Houses and Lodges that we have throughout Southern Africa. 

Fagala Voet is mainly known for its unmatched portfolio of hiking trails that it has on offer. Choose from the ever-growing list of trails that geographically cover most of Southern Africa including all nine provinces of RSA. Bookings can also be done through our office for Cape Nature, South African National Parks, and Namibia Wildlife Resorts.

Our Story

My passion for hiking started when I was 6 years old when my mom decided that it is a good idea to take a 4, 6 and 8 year old on the 5 day Fanie Botha hike (our very first hike), now most of you who have hiked the Fanie Botha 5 day trail knows that it is not the easiest hike but we finished it and only found out afterwards that the age limit for the 5 day is 12 years old, nonetheless that didn’t stop me from falling in love with hiking.My career in hiking also started right after high school with Komatiland Hiking Trails as the bookings lady and then from there on I moved onto Jacana Travel Marketing and Reservation, which now is Fagala Voet.I had the privilege to work alongside a hiking legend, Tim Harthwright (may he rest in peace), and Elize the wonderful soul who did the bookings for Jacana for more than 20 years. Tim taught me so much about hiking and the passion he had for hiking, nature and people was so contagious.I get asked the question a lot of where does Fagala Voet comes from. It comes from my dad. When we were little and we needed to go somewhere, he would always say Fagala Voet, which means we had to walk there.