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April 2024 Fagala Voet Newsletter

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New Listings
Hiking Outdoor Expo – Spring Edition
Tips for beginner hikers

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New Listing
Old Mill Drift Guest Farm

Old Mill Drift Guest Farm is centrally located between 3 of SA’s major cities, Johannesburg, Durban and
Bloemfontein (3 to 4 hrs) making it a perfectly centralized venue for family gatherings, club meetings, national conferences, expo’s and weddings. The quaint village of Clarens, only 27km away, offers unique variety to your trip.

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Hiking Outdoor Expo Spring Edition

We are excited to start announcing our vendors so far, we have some great returning vendors and some new vendors.

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Hungry Hiker

Thai Green Curry

Our Thai Green Curry is a gourmet delight, served with fragrant Basmati rice, and promises an authentic taste of Thailand. Enjoy a harmonious blend of high-quality
ingredients in a convenient, lightweight package – perfect for your next outdoor adventure or a
quick and delicious meal at home.

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Trail Food Company

Mushroom Risotto

Are you looking for a meal that will make you feel as if you’re in a top-notch restaurant while the breeze whispers on your neck and watching the sun set on the
horizon after a day of exploring?
Then look no further than our delectable Mushroom Risotto!

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Some hiking motivation

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Tips, Tricks and Advice

Tips for beginner hikers

Here are some tips and tricks for hikers starting out.

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