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Klipspringer Hiking Trail

Augrabies Falls National Park, Northern Cape Province

..Open from 1 April – 14 October each year..
..Due to heat..

The Augrabies Falls National Park is situated in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. The falls and gorge were formed over millions of years as the mighty Orange River eroded its way through the granite rock that lay in its path to the southern Atlantic ocean. The Orange River drains a vast area of Southern Africa, stretching from the mountains of Lesotho in the east and includes the Vaal catchments area of the Free State and the southern part of Gauteng.

The trail is of three days duration and should be considered as moderate to strenuous especially during the hotter months of the year. In fact, the trail is closed from 15 October to the end of March because of the extreme heat experienced in the area.

The Klipspringer Hiking Trail consists of three days of hiking. The first day is 14.4km long; the second day, 9.9km and the third and last day 11.5km. Even though the first day is the longest, the second day is probably the most difficult regarding the heat, while the third day is the least demanding. As the hike is quite demanding, it is necessary to plan for quit a rigorous trip.

Day 1 (14.4km):

It starts from the rest camp where accommodation can be booked for before and after the hike as there is no provision for trialists at the start. The first part of the trail offers the hiker some incredible views of the falls and the river gorge. The trail hugs the side of the gorge for the first part of the hike before meandering its way across rugged, rocky terrain.  From here the trail roughly follows the gorge to the Fish Eagle Hut.  The area is rough and a good pair of hiking boots is recommended. Despite the sparseness of the vegetation some beautiful examples of flora are to be found along the route. 

Day 2 (9.9km):

Starts with a short climb up the hill behind the hut before heading down a small valley into the gorge. It is recommended to walk slightly above the Orange River for the first couple kilometers in the gorge to avoid boulder climbing right along the water’s edge. The trail follows the Orange River approximately 3.7km to a position below the Eco Corner viewpoint. The wide drainage line you encounter after approximately 3 km past Echo Corner (see the Arendsnes landmark) will lead you to the Berghut (Mountain hut) Shortly after the trail joins a vehicle track you will see the hut to the left.

Day 3 (11.5km):

Follows the dirt road for a short while before heading towards Swartrante (Black Ridges). After crossing Swartrante, the trail follows roads periodically until reaching Moon Rock after which it joins the Dassie Trail for approximately the last 2.5km before reaching the rest camp.


The Klipspringer Hiking Trail is well worth doing especially if done in conjunction/ en route to another trail such as the Fish River Canyon or Oorlogskloof.  The area is dry and rugged and demands a fair degree of fitness from the hiker.

Trail Rating:

  • Difficult

Pertinent Information:

A maximum of 12 hikers and minimum of 2 hikers can use the trail at any time. Booking requests are only accepted 11 months or less in advance. Accommodation for the nights prior to and upon completion of the hike, is not included in the trail reservation and must be reserved separately.

Hikers must be self-sufficient except for bunk beds, mattresses, firewood, braai grid, water for washing, kettle and a potjie which are provided. A flush toilet is also available. No electricity or showers are provided. The water on the trail is not suitable for human consumption and we suggest you provide your own or purify available water available at the overnight huts or from the river.

GPS coordinates of strategic points along the trail are provided on the map for your convenience.

Please do not collect firewood and other objects from the veld and use the fireplace only and use the litterbin provided and do not burn or bury litter. Flush only bio-degradable items down the septic tank system and please take care not to waste water by ensuring that the toilet system does not keep on running after use. Make sure to wear shoes and use torchlight at night to avoid unnecessary confrontations with snakes and scorpions. Do not remove the mattresses from the rooms. Clean any utensils you may have used and report any defects to Reception on your return.


  • R792.00 for 2 people (3 day / 2-night backpack trail)
  • R390.00 pp – Extra hikers
  • 1% Community levy of total price

Admin Fee:

  • R55.00 admin fee once off per reservation
Klipspringer Hiking Trail

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