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Outeniqua Hiking Trail

Garden Route, Knysna, Western Cape

Set in the heart of the famous Garden Route, this magnificent trail leads through indigenous forests and montane fynbos, majestic mountain scenery, views of the coastal plateau, relics of the gold rush near Millwood, bird and animal life of the forest and fynbos, mountain streams and pools.  The forest and the wet fynbos depend on high rainfall, so be prepared for rain and mist.  The Outeniqua Hiking Trail is a 5 day trail with 4 overnight huts.

The trail may only be done in one direction – from West to East. The total distance of the trail is 66km. The terrain rating is from easy to difficult.  Fisheries (DEFF), so all hikers require a permit.


The huts offer shelter, firewood, grids, water and rudimentary bedding, no pots. There is only electricity at Diepwalle & Harkerville huts.  Minimum of two and maximum of 24 hikers allowed on the trail.

Park your car at Goudveld Gate and hike about 8km to Milkwood hut, where you will overnight your first night.

Hut 1: Millwood

Millwoodis 15km (5 hrs) from Platbos. Cars must be parked at Goudveld Parking Area.  A circular trail can be hiked here.

Hut 2: Rondebossie

Rondebossiehut is 17km from Millwoodhut. Parking is only allowed at Gouna Forest Station.

Hut 3: Diepwalle

A very popular hut with electricity and warm water.  Braai facilities are either in the open or under roof (when it rains). The Diepwalle hut is 13km (5hrs) from Rondebossie and 17km (5 hrs) from Fisantehoek.

Hut 4: Fisantehoek

At Fisantehoek no cars are allowed. The hut is 16km (5hrs) from Diepwalle.

Is there drinking water on the trail?

Yes, at huts and streams on route. At Diepwallle there is a community Tea Garden and water and other refreshments. At Millwood there is Mother Holly`s Tea Garden and they also offer refreshments and food.

Is there cellphone reception on the trail?

Throughout the trail there is good reception however whenever you are in a valley or a deep kloof there will not be. There are power points for charging cell phones in the ablution block at Millwood and Diepwalle only.

Millwood to Rondebossie Hut:

This is +- 17km and is quite hilly. Although you walk in the forest, it can become extremely hot. Take adequate water and nutrition to help kerb exhaustion. Don’t miss the swimming spot on the Knysna River. Just when you think you have really had enough, the hut suddenly appears in a clearing in the forest.


Rondebossie to Diepwalle Hut:

About 13km and passes on old forestry machine shortly after the start, but don’t spend too much time taking photos because a hill awaits you and after that another HILL. The top offers a spectacular view. The rest of the route you just cruise to Diepwalle hut where electricity and a warm shower awaits you. Diepwalle hut is also a great start/stop point for shorter route options.

Diepwalle to Fisantehoek Hut:

Other hiking trails criss-cross this 16km route near the start so be alert not to follow the wrong indicators. The route crosses two rivers which offer refreshing resting spots.

Be aware that the weather can change rapidly, so come prepared. Take clothing for heat/cold/rain and extra rations in case of emergency. A first aid kit is essential.

Please do not litter or disturb plant life. Also take caution when preparing food where you rest that you erect your stove in a safe place so as not to cause fires. If you smoke, please ensure that your cigarette butts are properly extinguished.

Take many photos and memories and leave only footprints as you enjoy this incredible hike.



Goudveld Gate to Millwood: 8km

Day 1 – Millwood to Rondebossie: 17km

Day 2 – Rondebossie to Diepwalle: 13km

Day 3 – Diepwalle to Fiesantehoek: 16km

Day 4 – Fiesantehoek to Goudveld Gate: 12km

Coordinates: Huts:

Millwood Hut: S33 53.402 E22 59.827

Rondebossie Hut: S33 55.211 E23 03.944

Diepwalle Hut: S33 56.960 E23 09.397

Fiesantehoek Hut: S34 00.273 E23 13.622


  • R144.00 pp.pd
  • Min – 2
  • Max – 24

Admin Fee:

  • R55.00 once off per reservation.
Outeniqua Hiking Trial

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