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Oom Paul Hiking Trial

Machadodorp, Mpumalanga

We hope that you will enjoy your stay and the natural wonders this spectacular hike will take you through.

It’s not an easy hike down the valley and over the mountains and recommended only for healthy and experienced hikers. It can be walked either from the Bermanzi Berg Resort side sleeping in The Stables the first night or from the Mt Komati Escarpment Adventures side sleeping in the Aloe Kaya camp the first night.

Take care not to hurt yourself or the nature you will be passing through. It’s our privilege to be caretakers of this small heritage site and we hope you will share it with us with the same reverence that we feel for it.

Starting from Bermanzi (10,5 km):

The trail starts close to the accommodation. At the Bermanzi side of the Bankspuit there are poles with numbers at strategic spots and white footmarks on the rocks to help you. Note: Look out for Signs: Oom Paul, BM to/na AK with an arrow to show the direction along the trail at strategic turning points. Ignore the Bermanzi Day Trail and Num –Num signs.

Trail starts at Pole no 1, next to the Vakashani Guesthouse, descending on the Wagon road to Pole no 2 where the SIGN BOARD clearly shows the way to the different hiking trails. You follow the Oom Paul sign down the Wagon road past poles 24,25, 26 straight down along the steep slope until Pole 27.  After pole 27, before Pole 28 you turn right and descend the cliff down into the beautiful unique indigenous forest with its great variety of species until you reach Pole no 7 where you turn LEFT.  You continue through the forest until you reach Pole no 9 at the Bankspruit.  There you turn RIGHT and walk until you reach Pole no 11 at The BOARDROOM POOL next to the damaged bridge.  This is a nice picnic spot where you can rest and swim during summer time before you cross to the other side of the Bankspruit. 


Don’t use the bridge its dangerous but pass on the rock’s underneath!!

You are entering the territory of Mt Komati Escarpment Adventures when you follow the path uphill and walk on top of the mountain through the unique impressive sandstone maze.  Follow the trail until you reach the Aloe Kaya Camp between the rocks and aloes.  Enjoy a warm shower, nice braai and goodnights rest.  You earned it!

Starting from Aloe Kaya Camp (10km):

From the ALOE KAYA Camp, the path starts about 100 m up the access road.  Look for the Oom Paul Sign, AK to/ na BM with an arrow to show the direction along the trail at strategic turning points.  The path will take you along the rim of the Skuwerand overlooking the Skoonspruit and Komati Valleys crossing the road to the Lodge and passing underneath the Candlewood Camp down to the Uitkoms or Bridle Falls, the second highest in Mpumalanga, just 25 feet shorter than Mac Mac Falls.  This is a perfect breakfast /tee break.  You cross in front of the waterfall over the very slippery rocks to the Bermanzi side of the Bankspruit.  


If Bankspruit is in flood don’t risk passing, it’s dangerous!

From here you follow the path until you reach Pole 16 where you turn LEFT down towards the river.  Still look out for Oom Paul Signs AK to /na BM with arrows showing the way at certain points.  You follow the path all along the river past wonderful falls and swimming pools until you cross the bridge that leads to Pole no 9.

At Pole 9 you turn RIGHT uphill and follow the path through the indigenous forest until you reach Pole no 7 where you turn RIGHT steep uphill until you reach Pole no 27 on the edge of the krans / ridge.  At Pole 27 you go LEFT along the edge and follow the path passing Pole no 5 and continue the edge until you pass Poles no 4 and 3 and through the beautiful SKEUR to Pole no 2 and 1, the Starting point near the Vakashani Guesthouse.  Go straight up to The Stables, enjoy a warm shower, a braai (if there is time), and have a safe journey home if you must return home.


Aloe Kaya:
Two double story wooden huts are nestled between spectacular sandstone rock formations evoking images of mystery. Each room has 3 bunk beds sleeping 6 guests total. The ‘loos with a view’ a main attraction… Hot outside showers between rock formations to be enjoyed by kids of all ages. The kitchen has a fridge/freezer, a two plate gas hob and basics like cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils. Both inside and outside braai areas with grids available. Electric geysers and lights.

The Stables:

The Stables: Back to Basics
The Stables are ideal for hiking groups as well as youth groups and church groups. The Stables are kitted out with bunk beds and sleep 6 – 8 people per room with a maximum of 50 people being accommodated throughout The Stables. This accommodation is fitted with two kitchens and an ablution facility.  There are four rooms with bunk beds and a cosy kitchen. There are stoves, fridges, and a microwave.

Stalle 1:

  • 2 plate electrical stove
  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Pots and pans
  • Cutlery
  • Braai facilities

Stalle 2:

  • Old School coal stove for which wood is provided
  • 2 plate electrical stove
  • Microwave
  • Pots and pans
  • Cutlery
  • Braai facilities


  • R300.00
  • Min of 4 hikers
  • No young children or pensioners
  • Only fit and experienced hikers

Admin Fee:

  • R55.00 once off per reservation.
Oom Paul Hiking Trail

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