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Tok Tokkie Trails

Namib Rand Nature Reserve, Namibia

Why Tok Tokkie Trails?

Tok Tokkie Trails takes you near the amazing beauty of the desert. Is there a better way to immerse yourself in nature than on foot? As you walk, you will discover many secrets of the Namib that cannot be seen while driving, and you can experience different aspects of the desert – from mountainous terrain to sand dunes.

22km total
4-6 hrs pd
2 to 8 (max)
Rating: Easy

Hiking with Style

Although you will be in the middle of pristine nature you can look forward to the luxuries that you do not want to miss. Sundowners, romantic 3-course dinners and all other meals are out in the dunes. Sleep out under a billion stars. Hot bucket shower and open air toilet with splendid vistas.

Walking is easy, carry nothing but your day-pack. A back-up team does all the chores for you. Just relax and enjoy.

Listen to the Silence

Walking in a small group of 2 – 8 guests for a unique experience:

Personal attention and private atmosphere. You can fully savour the vast and serene calmness of the desert. The pace will be set to suit the group. Surreal scenery – an extraordinary nature experience. Expert guiding – discover the desert and its amazingly adapted inhabitants.

Trip Itinerary

Day 01

You should arrive at the Tok Tokkie Trails base by 14h00, where our friendly team will welcome you with some refreshments. You can refill water and pack your small daypack for the personal items you would like to take along on the walk. Your luggage will be transferred to the overnight camp by vehicle. The trails starts with a visit of the Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust (NaDEET), a non-profit, donor sponsored trust, which aims to develop environmentally responsible citizens of Namibia. ( A short scenic drive takes you to the starting point of the Tok Tokkie Trail. Today, you will walk over a slope strewn with mysterious “fairy circles” and over rolling sand dunes to the first overnight camp. The dunes are not the massive ones encountered at Sossusvlei, but small, vegetated dunes that have a unique beauty of their own. At camp, relax with a sundowner, marvel at the magnificent scenery and start “feeling” the desert before dinner is served. For most the first night spent out in the desert will be unforgettable. If the sky is clear and moonless, you will quickly understand why NamibRand Nature Reserve is one of the few International Dark Sky Reserves in the world. Walking time: 1 – 2 hrs, sleeping out in the open on stretcher beds.

Day 02

Early morning tea or coffee is served before sunrise followed by a light breakfast so that you can set off in the cool of the early morning. The highlights of the walk are the breath-taking views of the dunes and plains as well as the “coming alive” of the desert as the guide allows you to feel, smell, taste and see the oldest living desert in the world. The “morning news”, as written in the sand is always fascinating and with some luck and the guide’s trained eyes, you may spot some of the desert specials (golden mole, dancing white lady, barking gecko, dune lark, flightless wasp just to name a few). You walk over a mountain saddle before descending gently to a dry riverbed. During the course of the day your guide will explain some wonders of the Namib to you – how the fascinating desert flora survives, how insect and reptile life adapts to the harsh environment and how mammals can survive here without water. Birding is surprisingly good and you may be lucky enough to see one of Namib endemics, the dune lark. Larger animals you might come across include bat-eared fox, oryx, springbok and ostrich. As we realize that our survival depends on the water that has been deposited for us, this will probably heighten our admiration for the plants and animals that dwell here. For lunch we will stop at a shady spot where you can enjoy the treats prepared by our chefs and fill up your water bottles. There is plenty of time to relax, have a siesta and reflect on all you have seen. As the heat recedes you start walking again up and over the dunes to your second overnight spot. The scene in front of you is a sea of endless dunes and “fairy circles” against a backdrop of magnificent mountain scenery. Photography is spectacular! The shadows on the dunes create an ever-changing palette of colors shortly before sunset. A sundowner and a delicious dinner after a long and enjoyable day are indeed welcome. You might hear some barking geckos, owls or just deafening silence. Walking time: Morning: 4 – 4.5 hrs / Afternoon: 2 – 2.5 hrs. Sleeping out in the open on stretcher beds.

Day 03

Once again you are woken in the soft light shortly before sunrise. Coffee and breakfast is served before you set off through the dune field. The soft and rolling dunes are interspersed by camel thorn trees, which provide welcome shade for a rest. Today’s walk is easy and you arrive at Tok Tokkie farmhouse at approximately 11:30. Walking time: Morning: 3 – 3.5 hrs Please note! Sometimes the trail is walked the other way around and the landscape will be seen at different times of the day than described above. This is at Tok Tokkie Trail’s discretion.



  • All meals and drinks
  • Overnight camps
  • Luggage transported
  • Overnight bedding
  • Shower and ablutions
  • NamibRand park fees
  • Kids 8 – 14 yrs: N$4,340

Admin Fee:

  • R55.00 once off per reservation.

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